A River Walk

While it was the freedom from lockdown many of us were scared of the  distancing rules we are told of.   Although it was not our way of life,  I think we all feel the same way.   Undecidedly I went out for a river walk.Above all I was a regular visitor of the river and all its aspects of living things.   In other words, I was in a place that I haven’t seen for a very long time.  Initially I missed the river and the animals,  the flowers, the trees and the boats for a long time.  Evidently the scenery were magical.  To illustrate, nature was at its best and very tranquil.  Therefore a river walk was very much needed. Uniquely at different corners of the river boats were moored due to the Lock Down.  At the same time the roses on the river island were in bloom.  Similarly  the cottages were lavished with old gates and green vegetation.  Unalike the houses were painted different colours and they were hidden behind grown trees and climbing plants. And some of them were embellished with old decorations in the garden.  But one of the houses caught my attention as an upside down mannequin wore two different types of shoes. I’d say everyone came out to enjoy some moments many weeks in isolation.  For instance the birds were happy to embrace the return of the people.   In addition, the magnificent sacred architecture stood on a high terrace that overlooked the river with beautiful roses grown taller than the wall.Then I walked past a beautiful Patriotic cottage.  And a flag flew with pride in the shades of  trees.   Here on the island homes are scattered with beautiful gardens overlooking the river. At the same time my visit to the river was some kind of therapy.  Not only that, but to heal the trauma of confinement, a river walk  was a break from home.

Above all things,  we saw three weeks of constant rain.  Except today is a Sunday of sunshine and blue skies.  Moreover there is a bit of angry clouds that wants to take over and ruin it.  In the end I hope Sunday will keep its promise.  Equally I wish you all a happy weekend!

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  • Awakening Wonders

    4th June 2021 at 7:30 pm

    Nature and the great outdoors is great for the mind and body!

    Mary, Awakeningwonders.wordpress.com

    1. My Home Countryside Living

      4th June 2021 at 8:58 pm

      Surely it is. We need that kind of therapy. Thank you for reading.

  • indianeskitchen

    5th October 2020 at 4:48 am

    What a gorgeous walk that was! I love to walk by the water too. My dream was to have a house on the waters edge.

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