About Me


Hello everyone!  

Welcome to the little fabric of my world – My Home Countryside Living!

First I started blogging in 2010 as a way to chronicle my wandering lifestyle – home, work, cooking, travel, and many more family adventures that we do together.  In January 2020 I took a break from blogging.  I returned a few months ago in or around August – September 2020.  So far it’s been a splendid reminder of my experiences.

Some of the time I love making things out of nothing and giving new life to anything old by repurposing, painting and renovating.

For this reason, I have left my youth behind.  After having lived and worked for many years in the City, I decided enough was enough.  On the whole I was tired of City and big town lifestyle and the rat race entity was unbearable.  So I thought the time had come for another change in my existence.  Therefore I wanted to live la belle epoch liveliness and within time, I perceived my dream. 

And my wish is to have an arbour with different colours of clematis and climbing roses round the doors of my home.

Thank you for your little visit.  I appreciate that so much!



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