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Not all who wander are lost

Our Blog is a journal with panoramic view of life in the countryside.  They are some view of how we like to live.  Since we like home-made drinks, cooking and baking we will also share some recipes from some old cookery books.

We never forget to pick some fresh flowers from the Market.  Gardening for me is about tranquillity. It is not a chore that I rush to do. For with peace and quiet, the garden will reward us with so much beauty.  And bringing flowers into the home, I never cease to create some beautiful arrangements.  And we will never miss to feature our blooming presentation to share with you.

We love travelling. And we not only travel far away, but we also travel close to home.   We will share with you our recollections of places we wander.  We are birds without wings.

Thank you for your visit

Please Note My blog has five categories as follows :

Cuisine – where we will feature recipes from old cookery books and not forgetting les plats du jour that also comes from my culture and tradition.  And also my late mother’s favourite dishes she made at home long time ago.  

Lifestyle – Just our simple daily living.  A flower vase, some cushions, flower arrangements and some interesting things.

Wander – are the places we visits near and far.  

Reminiscence – We all have been through experiences at some stages in our lives.  And here I will share my past, the good, the sorrows, the liveliness, and the history.  Those who have been and gone.  Therefore I will write them in an “inspirational manner” and not straight forward of how they happened.  And this is what I meant by “Reminiscence.” 

Shouts – Writing a few paragraphs about individuals who run their businesses.  These  people are friends and families who are dear to my heart.  They love me and I love them back even more.  They are small people doing small things.  And I took it upon myself to give a shout about them and their daily doings.  Obviously they live in different countries.  And who knows if you may be travelling and you need a service on that side of the world where they are, you will find something good written about them here with their links where you could go read more about them.  Therefore I am happy to be doing something small for friends and families.  One of my mottos is : “Small Things Create Big Moments.”

Lastly, I am not monetising Shouts.   Thank you for your understanding.

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