About The Boutique

Great that you’ve found your way to us!

It is with a grateful heart that I welcome you to Jamalacs and Lilacs by My Home Countryside Living.

Jamalacs and Lilacs is our brand name launched in 2020. It is about vintage floral themes. We love roses but we do bring to you designs of other flowers too. We also use designer fabrics with a bewildering range of prints in a blending mixture of colours and textures. We will mention the fabric designers in the details of the items as we bring them to the shop.

We are a home-made boutique where we create decorative items such as cushions and curtains, table covers, linens and many more items.  Everything fabric in our home-made shop is made at home by hands and obviously using a sewing machine.

Jamalacs and Lilacs have many choices to make something special for your home. An instant way to add traditional and colourful touch and textures to your garden,  living room, kitchen, or bedroom

And as we also bring to you fashion accessories for ladies such as rag bags, scarves, necklaces, bracelets and many more small things that create big moments for friends and families.

In our boutique you will find antiques, used and unique. There are also those that may have never been used and have been kept as collectibles for many years. Our items are those we find for you on our regular tours.

Jamalacs and Lilacs may be the perfect place to find vintage traditional living essentials to complement any style you wish for.

Our goal is that you feel comfortable in our shop and have a lot of fun browsing and finding!

There won’t be chic and shabby without flowers and vintage!

Team Jamalacs and Lilacs at MHCL

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