• Summer Season

    11th June 2021

    Summer seasons come  and summer seasons go, but June comes with the shades of all colours as well as sunny days.

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  • Lily of the Valley

    1st May 2021

    Here comes Lily of the Valley.  We are already in the month of May.

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  • My Spring is a Poem

    8th April 2021

    Long before lilacs filled the baskets Birds of spring a must sing  The sound at the window tweets While the forests spread its carpets of bluebells

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  • Spring has sprung

    24th March 2021

    Yesterday when I was out, I picked up a bouquet of tulips from my florist.  Certainly they are for the right season.

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  • Christmas Preparations

    21st November 2020

    Countdown Preparations Meanwhile we are almost end of the year.   And I am thinking of the season that we are about to embrace.

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  • September is the start of Autumn

    26th September 2020

    Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a nice and wonderful week.  Mine was good…just a little of this and a little of that, it’s been some very busy days. 

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  • A Late Summer Read

    21st August 2020

    Hello everyone, autumn has arrived. Uniquely another flavour of vibrant colours.  Again it reminds us of the beginning of Spring.

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  • May Flowers

    23rd May 2020

    Good morning everyone. It is another beautiful day here, warm and cool. And I am sitting in my armchair by the window and preferably write my blog post while I enjoy the new dawn.

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  • Hello world

    8th May 2020

    I broke up from blogging for a few months. I closed down by blog of 10 years of blogging. I also had a project to attend to and I had all the the time to concentrate on doing the things I mostly needed to do

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