Christmas Preparations

Countdown Preparations

Meanwhile we are almost end of the year.   And I am thinking of the season that we are about to embrace.Usually Christmas is a time of year that I have a dream in my mind.  Sooner it becomes a special time of the year.At the same time every year I am the mum behind preparations of the way we want to spend Christmas.  Ever since I became a mother, this season has always been more fun. Since then I kept my family tradition as a passion year after year.    

Concurrently I prepare anything any day at the countdown. At times you’ll find me looking calm with a glass of wine in my hand.  Then we put up the tree and decorations altogether. And not only that, it wouldn’t be Christmas without my flower arrangements.  Likewise it makes my Christmas special too.

Ordinarily the shopping list is written a month in advance.  Overall I do the last minute shopping the day before Christmas Eve.Beholding the Tradition

In the same way tradition is about the importance of family.   Otherwise it may never be more visible than during the Christmas season.

For one thing, I will be excited to see what new tradition are effectuated when my daughter leaves the nest and have families of her own. Likewise some families or cultures keep their traditions.   Yet I hope my daughter will keep ours running in her own family one day.  Unlike with a bit of her fashion mode splash in it too.Generally overall, how does your family observe their Christmas days?  And what are the traditions that you enfold?  To my way of thinking, we all have a few merry traditions in quotidian.  In my opinion every family has some unique traditions of their own that are exceptional.  That’s the glamour of toasting and remembering Christmas spent with family.Therefore I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Not only that, but remember to embosom your family heritage if anything at all they may be!

And lastly may I wish you a Merry Christmas Preparation!


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