Lily of the Valley

Here comes Lily of the Valley.  We are already in the month of May.And since the weather has gotten warmer, and the skies are blue, the mornings come earlier, we are through to summer.  As well as it has been so many months in waiting. And with lots of thinking rotating my mind about how great it will be to get outdoors… be a photographer through the lenses of my camera. Everything around seems beautiful, the boats on the river, the green trees and the flowers. Not only that, the ice cream van is on the bank of the river.  We had April showers for many days.  And that is how we spell it out – “April showers bring May flowers.” And let the summer begins.  Altogether there will be holidays and travel, home-made juice, flip-flops and sunglasses.  There will be early mornings and late nights.  I can’t seem to get rid of those ideas, what about you?  And the streams of humanity combined with the wonderful aspects of summer, all things are bright and beautiful.  The Cherry Blossoms too has bloomed.A few days back I went through some of my previous pictures.  I found some flower arrangements I made sometime ago.  Since I am trying to clear my picture folders, I thought it would be good to share some of them too.May – The Month of Rendez-Vous
However, knowing  the experiences about seasons, I am keen that May is one of the busiest month for social rendezvous.  And I apprehend why. There are weddings, graduations ceremonies, proms, first communions, confirmation, schools festivals, and many more celebrations. And for the graduation of our students – new beginnings, new ideas, some will return home, some will catch the winds in their sails, and some will embrace new horizons. There is nothing impossible in this life, and there is a world for them out there!  May their days be happy and filled with lots of wanders.Like-wise, last night I thought back at my own graduation days.  I graduated four times in my life.  I could barely think what happened to all the students who graduated with me.  Where could they be or what happened to them.  Equally most of them would be having grown up children. Many of them have travelled to different countries.  I also moved away from home in the last 21 years and I have never returned. On top of that my face book pages are from time to time having images of  friends.  They share birthdays and social gatherings with their children and families.  There are also those of whom I have learned who have passed away very young.  Some of my friends’ children can be seen in pictures cuddling their own children.  After all this is social media, a platform or ways for some people to express joys, achievements, grief, highs and lows.Also there are wild  flowers growing in many corners of the roads at this time of the year.  And some of them are already blooming.  Uniquely round the house flowers are blooming too.  They don’t need taken care of as they take care of themselves. Plus their flowers blooms absolutely beautiful.
And here we are embracing summer in Europe after all the cold winter nights.  I am being impatient to wear flip-flops in the high degree sunshine.  The  Lavenders and Hydrangeas would soon be  spreading their scents in the winds.  They remind me of once a tropical lifestyle I lived many years ago.Finally I wish you a beautiful month of May!



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  • Awakening Wonders

    4th June 2021 at 7:34 pm

    To a lovely time of the year!
    Keep creating memories and enjoying the good life!

    1. My Home Countryside Living

      4th June 2021 at 9:00 pm

      Thank you. And for memories, yes, it’s got to be created. And not forgetting it is good to write about it too.

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