My Spring is a Poem

8th April 2021

Long before lilacs filled the baskets

Birds of spring a must sing 

The sound at the window tweets

While the forests spread its carpets of bluebells

The trees drips spring waters from the fresh cold rain

From winter‘s snow to rainy drops

When the green leaves starts to show

And feathered visitors sing on the branches

Another bright day and sunny spells for the tweeters

The dawn of spring is beautiful, cool and fresh,

Rain today, sun tomorrow, cloudy the next day

A season that creates bursts of colours

And daffodils fill the air with smiles of yellows

Butterflies and bees flies from one flower to another

And honey will be as sweet as the smells that we breathe

Caterpillars spin leaves to sleep in

Hoppity the big pretty eyed Frog jumps here and there

Listening for our steps in the dew wet smelly grasses

Oh spring, are your stormy nights well-wishers?

Your windowsill overlooks a fresher scene

The March of Lilacs, daffodils, frogs and tweeters

A tired winter wake-up call

Your definitions are petals of fragrance

Escaped from the sorcerers land of winter

Your beauty shines in the name of April

Be still in your own season

For summer will lift you up and make you rest!


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