I must say the days are running fast.  And my reflection is about so many things that happened to me in just a short space of time. At the moment this scene of this situation is not looking pleasant but the status quo needs to be addressed.  So far I am reflecting on how I am going to do this.  Then what am I going to say to the people who are involved in this stratum.  Lastly I am thinking how I am going to open this topic into a peaceful solution without making an unhappy ending for myself and the people involved.

At the same time I am also reflecting on my blogging journey and recalling why I wanted to write.  Also I imagine myself as a self-made single mother who believes in charity from my heart.  And happiness is my livelihood.  Uniquely I am a wanderer and life has given me chances of travelling and discovering the world.  Therefore why wouldn’t I share to the world the wonders that I meet? In fact that is why I like to document my heydays.  As time waits for no one, I try my best not to let it pass me by.  As an example, the world is divided into straits and there are many explorations to venture upon.  And not forgetting that mother earth is beautiful and reality is a one way journey.  As a result that is why I took the plunge to blog.  Above all it is a way to express myself and meeting people viral who lives at a distance. Eventually it has become a fantastic voyage for mine.  Wherever the wind will take me I shall go.Reflection – The world that encircle my one’s time

As a result 2020 and 2021 have not been a good era.  It should be noted that the pandemic broke all the plans and projects we had on the table.  Like everybody else, I am rowing this vast ocean too.  In my opinion, I cannot imagine if rivers are still flowing to the sea or whether they are changing directions. And is mother-nature rotating in the right direction?  Then if it is not, how shall I fix it?

Since I am a mother of a young adult daughter I worry about her safety.  Her world is facing uncertain times and her future is all I question.  For that reason I dwell on her tomorrow and how it is going to unfold.  Likewise I also worry about the safety of families and friends that I love.

Currently we are in a daunting lane which is a one way with no return.  Of course we’ve got to keep going.  Altogether everything is messy, but the worst of all the truth is very much messier.

One minute the middle ground is announcing that the avenue shall be able to be traversed.  Before the next hour the researchers are calling for the durance to be extended.  However when I see myself face to face with such a difficult adversity, my emotions are traumatised and my thoughts are cracked to pieces.  At the same time all I can think of is “who can I trust?”

After all has the world come to terms with this situation? If not, when is the sphere going to confront the provocation that the sons of men have concocted?  So much that human race has lost the credibility to believe within, it is difficult to give credence to anything they tell us.  What kind of testament will our offsprings inherit?When I was young, my father told me that since the beginning of the world and the genesis of “writing” men started to fight. And ever since they have never ceased to stopped combatting. Moreover he told me that men has never sat at the same table to make peace and that it doesn’t look promising that the world will become a better place.  Furthermore he told me the same thing many a times.  Eventually I became a grown-up woman and I saw for myself everything about this monster earth where I eventually got chancy of budding and I blossomed.

Of late my father passed away at 90 years old in November 2020.  Similarly what he told me about men and the world was true.  He never lied to me and he told me the truth all along. Therefore he is my Hero.  As well as, the only thing left is to tell our children and their next generations the truth about their world.  Equally what else more can we do for them?  On the other hand the truth will take them beyond the world, and one day they will look back at the words we said and they will remember us righteously.  As revealed by Les Brown, “the graveyard is the richest place on planet earth. Since it is where you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take the first step, kept the secrets, or determined to carry out their dreams.”

And finally thank you for visiting my memoir and reading my opinions.

Have a wonderful week!

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