New year’s resolution materialise with 365 sunrise over the horizon.  Resolution and Procrastination

As well as new year forge with its own pinnacle, trying to ascend it experiences are created. Moreover many will find happiness yet a lot might not fulfil the new year’s resolution.

In the past I trusted new year’s resolutions but still circumstances changed me.  Therefore my life is my book and I am the author.  And the next thing is to comprehend how I want to write my story.  Just as “each day is a chance to design my own providence,” I tackle my intent one day at a time.  

In my experiences it’s been a couple of years I left my new year’s intention empty and I continued to write my story the way it unfolded.  As the calendar year passes me by, it is important that I cherish the past. Even so I keep my history intact, well written and I erase no mistakes.  As a consequence I allow the past to give sense to the “Book of my Life.”

Initially I will go with the flow as they unfold.  Along with I will inscribe my journal in my best handwriting.  Plus I won’t meet with procrastination and it will not catch up with me because making resolutions is a big promise.  Especially new year’s resolution, it dies a premature death.

Furthermore I will only live my life for the moment and the rest will revise itself as the year passes by.  In the same way my health is important too. Above all I will definitely take care of myself. Thereafter relationship, personal goals, and many more things may not be part of many plans in my life year after year.  At the same time if anything materialise I will make the decision whether I want it or not.

Usually when we make a list of things we want to ensue, it creates an elephantine size of unmerited influences on our lifestyle to rally the targeting goals.   Likewise the fact that we put pressure on ourselves it defeats the whole motivation of being pleasant and satisfying.  Besides it looks like an errand, a burden which is not adorning and neither uplifting. 

Pressure kills Victory.

Somehow I convinced myself every consecutive year to live my life slowly but surely. And by giving acceptance to the fetch of the days, it is important to acknowledge the why, what and how.  However way it happened I allow it to shape my story.  Therefore when I turned my lights off at night, I know that I have tried my best.

Procrastination adds fuel to the fire

Indeed as we age there comes plenty to our plate.  Not only that, but also if we have a family  to care for.  What’s more, we run treadmills and jump over the fence like everyone else does.  Thus I believe new year’s resolution is best left out of the way.

Namely Procrastination is responsible for all the mess that people put together when they act upon new year’s resolution.  For the first or second week, you go after the whole list, from only fruits at breakfast to three times a day in the gym.  Then comes the third week when the resolution falls from grace. Along with, the usual “pattern” takes you on board and there comes the loss of control and resolution becomes the abandoned dream.

Evidently we all make mistakes. Notably we all want to achieve happiness that will endure persistently.  But to infer we can effectuate to emerge from the miscalculation to reality.  Personally I acknowledge the loved ones who have a special place in my heart.  For they make a positive difference in my life.  Therefore I show patience to our fellow feeling and benevolence.

I met love, health, peace, joy and tranquillity. They needed a permanent place to stay. I gave them your addresses and hope they arrived safely!

Uniquely I wish everyone who is already in the big ride of my sphere happiness, courage and many happy moments together through 2022.  Happy New Year everyone.

Finally the ones who will happen to join my friendship – welcome to my world!  And let’s have a wonderful 365 days together.

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