Summer Season

Summer seasons come  and summer seasons go, but June comes with the shades of all colours as well as sunny days.The sky is blue, the sun is shining.  All trees and plants are blooming.  Mornings come earlier with brilliant light beaming through the windows.  And over the water canoeists are making ready to enjoy the fresh morning of the dawn.  These sunny days are pledged for home-made drinks, slippers and t-shirts, shorts and skirts.  Also the evenness with nature to a short time of reconnecting with buddies as well as well-wishers.  And to breaking the chain of confinement and solitude is pure joy to embrace.
I have so many things that I would like to share with everyone I love and know.  I have thoughts, consideration, reflections, observations and many moments that create happiness or make us admire, surprised or amazed.I never forget to share a panorama I have captured through the lens of my camera with all my careful windings when I was breathing that brief period of time.  Some thoughts will echo with me and some will not, just as it should happen, it is what aggrandize the way of life that we are all drifted unalike.As a result I did not prepare to write a blog today. It seems I am not being in my normal mind, and since writing keeps me thinking, I poured myself a cold glass of home-made watermelon. And a cheerful thought caught my mind.  A reminder of a holiday that is about to unfold.  It made me smile, if not excited.  I was just taking a bit of time off from everything around me before I got back to doing some more sewing.  And my joy and happiness goes way beyond the ocean.  I am deeply thinking of this time out.  I’ve got to be on another side of the world, and it is very important that I do this travel.  I have to remind myself to write a list of things I need to do when I am there.  Whether I will accomplish the entirety on my list is another episode.This weekend and following week, I will get methodize since I have some other type of chores that needs doing around the house.  I want to achieve this task and I cannot afford to lose any minute of doing something else. There are also some works I need to do for my daughter’s bedroom.  However I am trying at the same time to keeping the home twinkling. I need to make some new table napkins for my summer season photography shootings.  Do I need to shop for them?  I made this lot myself.  I like to mess about with flowers, fabrics, ribbons and anything to do with interior decorating. I love spending my time this way making creations for the home.  And here I made some cushion with leftover  fabrics.  I added them randomly together and I’ve two beautiful cushion covers. Some days ago wordpress sent me a message announcing the number of likes and comments I have received.  It justified my summer season and sunny days making them brighter and sunnier.  So very true I had a few beautiful audiences with whom I have exchanged comments, likes and ideas.  I find that exciting and wonderful to meeting individuals who love to do one same thing as me – blogging.  And reading about what is happening on their side of the world is amazing.  However watching the world behind our own doors is delightful.  It is another adventure without leaving home.   It is all thanks to word-press for making dreams come true.I hope you have all had an amazing week.  Not forgetting that Friday has arrived.  And you are looking forward to a fantastic weekend filled with sunny days, with friends or families.  Or some of you may be staying home and having some quiet time alone. In addition to the sunny weather, the pretty flowers and trees are beautifying mother earth.  As well as the flowers that burst out of walls, they are magically beautiful.  Not forgetting the wild foliage that grows alongside roads.  Though many are called weeds, but they still create their own beauty.  And together they create ambience, colours, flavours, feelings and good moods.
Have you gotten anything coming up to do?  What is on your “to do” list this summer?  I would like to read about it.
I am looking forward to writing some more posts.  Finally I wish you a wonderful weekend.


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  • Awakening Wonders

    16th June 2021 at 3:24 pm

    June is a beautiful month full of all that is summer! Thanks for sharing your colorful palette of nature with us.

    1. My Home Countryside Living

      16th June 2021 at 7:20 pm

      Thank you. I like to share everything that me and my camera comes across.

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