How did you spend your Valentine?

When I was a young woman and very much in love with my High School Sweet Heart, I never believed in Valentine.  For example I always thought that loving someone should be from 1st January to 31st December.  Admittedly I hated to receive a big bouquet of flowers on 14th February but the rest of the year girls and boys would fall out, and be back, and fall out and be back again.  Apart from this, why the hell would love be strong on Valentine’s Day and not all through the year? 

The Change

Then many years later, there came the day that 14th February changed my life forever.  Due to her illness, my mum passed away on 8th February 2006.  Following that my dad chose 14th February to lay her to rest.  Since then Valentine’s Day of 2006 is a day I will never forget. As far as I know, every consecutive year many people celebrates Valentine’s Day.  But for me this day is a reflection about the woman who created beautiful things in my life.  Uniquely my upbringing is one of the most adorable moments I adore.   

Thereafter, the day I gave birth to my daughter, my mum spent time with me she couldn’t stop  cherishing my baby in her arms.  At that time I cried.  And I said sorry to my mum for I never listened to her when I was a young adult.  In the past I partied like animals with friends every weekend. 

As a result I told her how she knew the pain of bringing me into the world.  Furthermore that is why she told me lots of things that were right for me.  Above all I said to her then how I felt the pain of bringing a child into the world too.  Therefore I will always listen to her, whatever advice she had to tell me.  At the same time she told me how she will always love me and my child.  And every year on Valentine’s day, as all these memories flow back to me my eyes are filled with tears.  

Mothers will always be Mothers!

Last of all let me wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Week!  Enjoy yourselves!

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