Why a Country Life

First thing when I open my windows in the morning, I see animals in the fields.  Also there is nothing quite like waking up to the sounds of chirping birds. 

In abundance countryside offers more space within which to live and work.  In all peace and solitude is sure to be enjoyed.   Plus the air is cleaner than anywhere else on the planet.  And we don’t have to go far to admire nature in all its grandeur.  Furthermore meadows of wild flowers, green rolling fields and the smelly wet woodlands are a hop, skip and jump away.   Best of all outdoor expeditions to the forest is one of our regular activities. 

Social and Village Life – For that reason everybody who lives here respect their natural habitat.  As well they look out for each other and rush to help in time of need.  And homemade cake is a country tradition.  Also the neighbours invite neighbours and friends for coffee and homemade bakes.  Nevertheless you don’t know them, strangers will also greet you and they will say something about the weather. 

Apart from that there are always some country folks who will be more than happy to help trim the garden, fix something and clear some fallen trees.  They are sure to help in time of need. 

Uniquely in the countryside we have bakeries, cafes, and restaurants too.  Besides the cafes are the places where the elderlies go to meet and chat with friends.  I love Country Cafes. I like to sit there and sip a hot coffee, perhaps eat a sweet cake too and listen to the stories that they tell otherwise.  They are so interesting, pleasing and it makes me wants to go there every day.  

However time and my work is peace-of-mind – In this advanced technological world, we can also work remotely.  The countryside is a good setting against which to work.  I have time to think.  I can manage my day to day living in serenity and tranquillity. 

Health wise and keeping fit – In the countryside it is not a worry to get an appointment to see the doctor. Thus to keep fit there are rivers, forests and fields to wander.  Therefore I prefer both jogging and walking. 

Furthermore to having agriculture in plenty, it is joyous that the farms are just minutes away from home. I can fill my basket with fruits from different branches, vegetables of many varieties and fresh herbs. 

Not only that the country village shops cater for all appetites.  Not forgetting the home-made jams, fresh baked savouries, bread and cakes.  I never leave without taking home some potted herb plants.

The countryside is a setting that beseeched to be traversed.  There are always some little corners to visit, some old properties to take some pictures, and some small country rivers to splash in.

Do I need a gym when rural nature is offering pure and virgin beauty to keep myself fit?

I just can’t get enough of country life!


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  • Awakening Wonders

    16th June 2021 at 3:27 pm

    Cheers to living the country life . . . it is the best!

    1. My Home Countryside Living

      16th June 2021 at 7:18 pm

      Thank you so much. Nothing better than the clean fresh air and the birds that sings in the freshness of the early mornings of the day.

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