Promising young women – they are the hearts of the world.

Yesterday was the “International Women’s Day” of the year.  Presently I may not be too late to write something about our purpose in our community, in this life, and in the world. 

Unalike who really are we as women?  

Besides I want to say something about the duties of women in this world.  Equally we are mothers, sisters, aunties and grandmothers.  Above all we are the heart of our homes and without us probably our house will not become a home.  Not only that, we are the most powerful image in society.  Wherever we go, whatever we do, as small as it could be, we leave a piece of ourselves behind.  However we not only work side by side with men, but we rise.  Since we become leaders we make decisions. But when we make decisions, we definitely forge powerful commitments.   Most of the time our choices are accepted. Eventually we pave the way and create inspirations for those who will replace us someday.

Yesterday I watched a program of the unfolding stories of life in Ukraine at the moment.  Then I listened to some young women less than 25 years old.  Uniquely they were ballet dancers.  And when I looked at them, I thought to myself “are they strong enough?”  But compared to my thoughts, these young women made their voices heard.  Likewise they made their vows that they are ready for the battle field and they will defend their country. 

As revealed by one of them, she has prepared the safety of her child before she left home.  And most of all they said that right from now they don’t care about Ballet Dancing and the Theatre.  All they want is to see their country remain in their power.  At the same time as I am writing this journal, my heart melted for these women.  Up until that I am worried about their roles out there in that cold winter nights. As well they are protecting the identity of their innocent children.  Also their fate is unknown.  How courageous, devoted, committed, and amazing these women are. 

Finally, I want to wish all my women followers and all women in the world a wonderful “International Women’s Day of the year 2022.”   Thank you.

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